What’s going on in my head

WHAT’S GOING ON IN MY HEAD is a theatre play written about high schoolers and for them.

It’s a translation from the original I wrote for my students in Spanish.

Some reasons you could consider to represent it with your students…

  • 1. Many characters, similar weight in the play.
  • 2. Short (around 20′)
  • 3. They are on stage all the time, so they have to act even during all the play
  • 4. It’s about them and their lives, how sometimes thoguhts make them suffer and, maybe, how to deal with them
  • 5. Parents can take a peek inside their minds and understand them a bit more


She is a girl, tormented by her thoughts as many of us. The difference is we can actually watch her thoughts on the stage talking and acting as they do inside her mind. How she deals with them will show us a part of our teens’ minds, a part of ourselves and, maybe, a way out.

If you are interested in getting the text it is FREE just fill in this form, please, to let me know that someone is doing it somewhere in the world… you know, it is so exciting and an honour for me.

Besides… I’ll be most honoured if you send pictures, commentaries, videos of your representations, and will love to add them here if you allow me. mailto:javierfpanadero@yahoo.com

I’ll just use your email in the future to let you know if I write something else.

Here you have a recording of my students in one of the representations.

If you want it in Spanish, just come here


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